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The Cunkov /Y Ranch is located in a beautiful hilly countryside of Certova hrbatina (the Devil's Hunchback), between Sedlec-Prcice and Jistebnice. Our offer includes scenic horse rides, horse riding lessons, leading children around on horseback, wagon trips (or sleigh in winter), etc.

Please note that reservations have to be made at least one day in advance! Horse owners are offered stabling and/or training of their horses (both Hucul and other breeds).

Briefly on the hucul breed and the Hucul Foundation Fund

Hucul (also known as Hutsul or Carpathian Pony) is a mountain horse breed, originating from the Carpathian Curve region. The breed is currently used for agro-tourism and hippotherapy of children and youth. To support projects in the above areas, the Hucul Foundation Fund was established in 1993. The aim of the Fund is to support the breeding of horses in the Czech Republic and to help to organise educational programs, secondments and lectures related to horse breeding.

2. Contact

Farma /Y Cunkov
Vladimir Vopravil
Cunkov 5
391 33 Jistebnice
Tel.: +420 381 273 686 08:30 - 09:00a.m. and 06:00 - 07:00p.m.
Mob.: +420 723 984 579
Email: hucul@volny.cz

(for the Hucul Foundation Fund's address and bank account number, click here.)

Accommodation is available in the nearby hotel (about 3km from the ranch):
257 91 Sedlec - Prcice
Tel: 317 834 117
Fax: 317 834 118
Mobile: 603 239 666
e-mail: krejci.moninec@tiscali.cz

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4. Name of the Ranch ?

People keep asking about the origin of the name /Y (read: Slash Y Ranch). The answer is very simple: the name has been borrowed from Jack Schaefer's Monte Walsh.

5. Cunkov /Y Ranch - Price List:


Scenic horse rides: CZK 250.00 / hour
Horse riding lessons CZK 230.00 / hour
Leading children around on horseback: CZK 25.00 / 5 minutes
Wagon/sleigh trips CZK 600.00-800.00 / hour

Horse boarding:
- small horses (hucul, hafling, pony) CZK 100.00+DPH / day
- other horses CZK 120.00+DPH /day


Basic information on the Hucul breed

Hucul is a mountain horse breed, which comes from the Carpathian Curve region. Hucul-type horses have truly been bred in this region for more than 400 years. During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy period, Hucul horses started to be systematically bred, particularly for army purposes. After its formation in 1918, the former Czechoslovak Republic took over part of the breeding herd from the Austrian army and continued to develop the breed. After World War II, the breeding of Hucul horses declined in all countries. At the end of the 60's, the breed was in danger of complete extinction.
The roots of Hucul come directly from a wild European horse breed, Tarpan, as they both have a very similar genetic potential. Being a primitive horse breed, Huculs have maintained a number of natural qualities of their wild ancestors. They represent a very precious trace and a potential future source of undamaged genetic information the need of which may soon arise. At present, Hucul is used in agro-tourism and, particularly, in hippo-therapy of children and youth. Thanks to its low size, the breed is very well suited for the above activities. Since 1979, Hucul has been on the list of the protected gene fund of original and primitive farm animal breeds of FAO. In 1993, the breed was acknowledged the gene reserve of the Czech Republic. There are currently approximately 600 horses in this country, of which only 118 brood-mares and 18 breeding stallions are included in the gene reserve.

Hucul Foundation Fund

For ages, men and horses have been connected. Horses used to be honoured and respected. Recently, however, men seem to have forgotten about their companions and helpers. Apart from impressive racing stables, it is only exceptionally that one may come across horses. At several small ranches across the Czech Republic, a few inspired people try to change this situation.
They engage in the breeding of horses, which could be used by the general public. They focus, in particular, on the young generation; young people who acquire or improve their positive attitude to animals and the environment may represent an opportunity and maybe even necessity for us all. Another closely related issue is the support of both physical and mental well-being of children and youth. The hippo-rehabilitation of children and grown-ups is extremely successful. The Hucul breed is very well suited for this purpose, as thanks to their low size the horses meet the needs of handicapped children.
To support the above projects, the Hucul Foundation was established in 1993. In compliance with the amended legislation, the Foundation was transformed into the HUCUL Foundation Fund in 1999. The aim of the Fund is to support the breeding of horses in the Czech Republic and to help to organise educational programs, secondments and lectures related to horse breeding.

If you wish to participate in the preservation and protection of this unique breed, please make a contribution to the HUCUL Foundation Fund's account. Any amount will be appreciated.
(A practical piece of advise: Natural persons, even employees, may deduct from their income tax base the amount of provided gifts, as long as their total value for the given tax period either exceeds 2% of the tax base or amounts to at least CZK 1,000. In total, a maximum of 10% of the tax base may be deducted. Legal bodies may deduct the value of gifts exceeding CZK 2,000. In total, a maximum of 2% of the tax base may be deducted.)

The Administrative Board of the HUCUL Foundation Fund would like to take this opportunity to thank you for any gifts supporting the development of the Hucul breeding.

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